“Mine Risk Education” in Northern Aleppo

With the objective to strengthen the capacity of national community-based actors to assess, analyze and respond to protection needs, and to reduce the impact of explosive remnants through risk education activities. #Bahar_Organisation started to conduct an awareness project inside Syria, Northern Rural Aleppo, Suran, Mare’ and Aghtrin sub-districts.

The process started by giving trainings to Bahar “Community Liaison Teams – CL” in A’zaz office, those teams combined members of females and males as well. Later on Bahar Teams started to conduct “Trainings-for-Trainers – TOT” to 17 “Community Focal Points – CFPs” to raise awareness on mine risk and war remnants. In addition, the teams started actively to conduct risk education RE sessions to the local community, in 16 villages in A’zaz district, the main goal is to reach more than 14,000 communities.

Targeted area, as before mentioned. Northern Rural Aleppo, 16 villages in Suran, Mare’ and Aghtrin sub-districts. The project has been started in March 2017 to continue the activities until reaching the target by end of November 2017.

Achieved numbers from March until June is 4,997 communities (beneficiaries) of 14,192 communities (beneficiaries). The voices from the field: people started to have clear idea about the strange bodies, war remnants, unexplosive ordnance and landmines.

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