According to the United Nations World Food Programme, food security is defined as
“when people have availability and adequate access at all times to sufficient, safe nutritious food
to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.” (source wfp.org )
In the midst of conflicts and crises all over the world, food security is one of the first
things that is threatened. When people lose access to food, they lose access to their future.
Without basic substanance for themselves and their families, people are left desperate, alone
and searching for assistance. Removing or limiting access to this basic need, strips human
beings of their dignity. But through strategic programs, Bahar seeks to restore it.
Since the war commenced in Syria in 2011, millions of people have been fighting to
maintain food security and millions still struggle to meet this basic need for themselves and their
families on a daily basis. This ongoing need requires diligent provision, planning and
development to not only provide people with food in emergency situations but to diagram a plan
for long term food security.
Despite the fact that millions of people have fled in and out of Syria, amongst the many
push and pull factors, food security is one of the major concerns and uncertainties that they
encounter. This basic human right is constantly threatened and the insecurity leads to rising
health concerns and cases of malnutrition.
Bahar Organisation is passionate about working with beneficiaries to minimize and
eliminate the lack of food security in Syria. Bahar’s goal is to ensure that the most vulnerable
people affected by the crisis have sufficient and affordable access to food for their households
beyond just the immediate need but in a deliberate effort for future sustainable agriculture and
Through the development of strategic programs, Bahar has implemented solutions to
reach and serve thousands of households in Syria. From emergency response hot meals to
agricultural development, every program is initiated with the common purpose of addressing the
most pertinent food security issue of the beneficiaries.

Flour Program
Emergency Response