According to the World Health Programme, “Health Clusters exist to relieve suffering and
save lives in humanitarian emergencies, while advancing the well-being and dignity of affected
Systematic. Strategic. Standardized.
Founded by three Syrian doctors in response to the crisis, since its inception Bahar has
placed a strong emphasis on the access and availability to complEmentary healthcare for all
people affected by the crisis regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, creed or any other
discriminant factor. Although they have also created other projects to help crisis-affected
people, their focus on health has remained a core fundamental to facilitate other facets of
humanitarian aid.
Since the beginning of the crisis, sufficient access to healthcare has been an ongoing
need. With an overall goal to decrease the burden and prevalence of mortalities in Syria,
particularly in northern Syria, Bahar’s health projects have made this the central focal point. The
objective of the Health program is to coordinate with the health cluster and humanitarian
partners to work as a whole in identifying a strategy to best reach the affected people. Through
strategic campaigns and programs, Bahar has been able to address the short term and long
term health needs of individuals affected by the crisis.
Unique in its functionality, the Health program within Bahar also provides strategic
coverage for programs in Nutrition, WASH and Protection with the crucial understanding of the
ripple effect that one program has in relation to the other. Ongoing projects facilitate the
continual provision of primary and secondary health care available through hospitals and clinics
in the communities that need assistance most. Strategic campaigns support the need for
vaccinations and immunizations especially for the elderly and children under five years old.
Emergency response services are designed to provide rapid response assistance to address an
issue and also support ambulance services to expedite individuals to hospitals in emergency
Through providing medical professionals, hospitals, medical facilities, emergency
response and even mobile medical clinics, the health care coverage that Bahar provides
extends beyond just basic care. To supplement the primary care, Bahar established a referral
system to refer patients to secondary medical facilities either within the Bahar health network or
to other local partner organisations. This system ensures that people are able to receive primary
and specialized care based on their health needs.

Clinics and services were conceptualized based on the gaps and needs in the areas
identified by the health cluster under the Humanitarian Response Plan annually released by the
Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Services were launched based on the
official assessment in order to provide the greatest level of humanitarian assistance within Syria.
With an understanding that health innately affects every other area of an individual’s life
and that no human being should be without access to affordable health care, Bahar’s programs
have served as a model for others looking to implement health programs and campaigns in
other affected areas. Bahar believes that health is not the privilege for the few but the right for
all. Through strategic health projects, campaigns and emergency response,
Bahar is addressing the needs of thousands of Syrians on a daily basis.

Strategic and fundamental short-term inatives to provide immunizations, vaccinations and health secreenings with an emphasis on the elderly & children under five years
Strategic projects launched for a set duration or on an ongoing basis designed to reach the most vulnerable population and communities to provide complementary healthcare services
Strategic crisis oriented and emergency projects launched for a set duration to address and provide solutions for an urgent need for residents and IDPs residing host communities and camps