Campaigns are strategic projects launched for a set duration of time with the goal of
providing humanitarian healthcare assistance through vaccinations, immunizations and health
screenings with a focus on children under five years old and the elderly. Their purpose is to
reach as many people as possible, especially in the hard to reach communities in Syria, with the
goal of decreasing and eliminating future cases of disease. The campaigns work in conjunction
with the health care programs to serve as one facet of improving the overall health situation for
people residing within Syria.

Leishmaniasis Prevention Campaigns
Polio Campaign - Afrin
Integrated Management of Child Illness Project
Family Health Centre - Afrin
Mobile Clinic #1 - Afrin
Mobile Clinic #2 - Afrin
Bahar Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) in Ma’arin, Aleppo
Bahar Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) - Tatiyeh
Bahar Expanded Programs on Immunization (EPI) Campaigns