Launching on 1 March 2016, the project was developed to provide primary health care
and referrals (as needed for secondary and tertiary services) to IDPs residing in the northern
rural areas of the A’zaz district in the Aleppo governorate. The center existed with the intention
of providing preventative and primary healthcare services (including nutrition services and
improving the overall referral network between primary, secondary and tertiary health care
facilities) targeting the most vulnerable groups (women, children and the elderly).
Beyond just providing healthcare services for women the project provided safe physical
access to the necessary public health facilities. At the center women could receive primary
health care, maternity health care and medication. All obstetrics and gynecology services were
referred to the applicable department in the A’zaz hospital for further treatment. The elderly and
people with chronic diseases were given basic health care consultations, interventions and
medications to treat any existing or identified health issues.
Working until 31 May 2016, this center provided health care services in a community
where health care access was limited. Through the center, 8,424 individuals received health
care treatment.
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