Providing health care services without borders, Bahar launched their first mobile clinic on

1 April 2016 in the Aleppo Roubar Camp located in the Afrin district of the Aleppo governorate.

The goal of the mobile clinic was to provide basic health care services while simultaneously

improving the referral network system between primary and secondary health care facilities.

Aimed to provide assistance to the most vulnerable groups (women, children and the

elderly), the mobile clinic was able to provide distinct health care services. Maternity health care

services were provided for women that included medication and referrals to the obstetrics and

gynecology department at the Bahar Hospital.

According to the last assessment at the Aleppo Roubar Camp, there are 234 individuals

over 65 years of age and 16 disabled individuals. Thus, the mobile clinics have also provided

basic health care consultations for the elderly population, disabled and chronically ill patients.

Since the nearest healthcare facility to the camp is approximately 11 kilometers away,

the role of the mobile clinic is essential in providing the closest health care assistance especially

for individuals that are unable to travel. For cases that required secondary health care, they

were referred to the Bahar Hospital for further treatment.

By the end of the program on 30 June 2016, 6,451 individuals had received health care

treatment from the mobile clinic.