The role of emergency response in the health cluster is essential to providing life-saving
and preserving medical care and assistance to people through rapid response systems to
address the most pertinent needs as they arise. Bahar’s role in emergency response is
emphasized in three core goals:
● To respond systematically to any emergency case
● To train health staff and community health workers to deliver the services to displaced
people as an immediate service
● To equip the local health directorate with the resources they need to remain or regain

Ambulance System in Aleppo
In conjunction to rebuild the overall deteriorating health care system since the
commencement of the Syrian War in 2011, Bahar launched a short term project to support the
the ambulance system in Aleppo that belongs to the free Aleppo health directorate.
The role of providing rapid response emergency care is essential to the overall health
care system. In cases of child labor, heart attack, stroke and other emergencies, having the
access to ambulance care is essential to function as a life-saving and life-sustaining
Due to the escalation of military conflicts and an increased need for the ambulance
services, the ambulance system of Aleppo had a severely reduced operable capacity. The 15
ambulance vehicles belonging to the free Aleppo directorate, were all in need of assistance. In
order to support this existing system, Bahar was able to provide assistance through
maintenance, repairs, fuel and general operation costs. This assistance was able to reduce the
burden on the ambulance system to enable the ambulances to resume a functional service
capacity for IDPs and the host community in Aleppo City.