Cash and New Arrival Kits

In the face of the vast displacement of people throughout Syria, the need for emergency
response to displacement is essential. One way to provide emergency response to displacement is
through providing cash vouchers and new arrival kits to IDPs.
After the large-scale military campaign (by the Syrian Army and the Russian Air Force) a large
influx of IDPs from northern rural Aleppo, fled to other locations in the governorate including: Afrin,
Jabal Saman and the A’zaz district. With many IDPs crammed into overcrowded tents, collective
buildings or unfurnished buildings, some were still left without any form of shelter at all. In response to
this humanitarian need, Bahar distributed new arrival kits and cash vouchers to 1,100 households,
representing 11,500 individuals, from 29 February 2016 to 30 May 2016. The purpose of the kits were to
provide households with the assistance to be able to meet their most pertinent needs upon arrival.