Plastic Sheets Distribution

From the beginning of the crisis, Bahar has been committed to providing humanitarian
assistance to the most vulnerable people especially in the camps in Syria and Turkey where people can
be isolated from being able to access supplies or provisions outside of the camps.
In response to the IDPs that fled their homes in eastern Aleppo to settle in an informal camps in
the A’zaz district of Aleppo, Bahar worked to provide humanitarian assistance to the influx of people. In
order to identify and supply provision for the affected people, Bahar worked in cooperation and
coordination with the camp management and local authorities, to conduct a needs assessment in six
different camps. After the assessments, the data revealed that the most crucial needs were insulators,
tarpaulin and plastic sheets. With this data in hand, Bahar reached out to seven partner organisations
for assistance. The Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) responded first, supplying Bahar with a large quantity of
plastic sheets to distribute to people within the camps. From 15 November 2016 to 28 November 2016,
Bahar was able to distribute plastic sheets for 3,750 people amongst the six camps in A’zaz.