According the United Nations Mine Action Gateway, “mine risk education, or
MRE, refers to educational activities aimed at reducing the risk of injury from mines and
unexploded ordnance by raising awareness and promoting behavioural change through
public-information campaigns, education and training, and liaison with communities .”
In the middle of a war, there is a high risk for mines and unexploded war
remnants left undetonated in villages, cities and open fields throughout Syria. The
importance of providing education about the risk serves as an awareness session to
provide a source of protection through knowledge and prevention. The educational
sessions inform individuals about the mines and unexploded war remnants through
illustrative teaching materials and general prevention information sessions to educate
people. The goal of the information sessions is to provide comprehensive information
for children and adults in camps and host communities while also empowering
households to share the information with other households in their community to
prevent future casualties from mines and unexploded war remnants.