According to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
Societies (IFRC), psychosocial support (PSS) “helps individuals and communities to
heal the psychological wounds and rebuild the social structures after an emergency or
critical event3.” This type of support is a critical component in addressing every facet of
the overall health and wellbeing of affected individuals in crisis and emergency
response situations. Due to the nature of the Syrian war, people have been exposed to
insurmountable tragedy, loss, death, burdens and post traumatic shock. Through
providing PSS as a complimentary and accessible service, it creates an avenue to
facilitate healing and rehabilitation within the capacity of mental health.
Bahar representatives provide PSS services in two distinct ways. Firstly, through
conducting one-on-one meetings with affected individuals giving people the
opportunity to share and receive assistance in a safe and secure environment.
Secondly, through a group environment comprised of 15-20 women and adolescent
girls, to create an environment of unity, security and support for individuals to share
their experience and receive assistance through the healing process. The goal of the
sessions is to equip individuals with the support and coping mechanisms to uniquely
address their personal experience in the midst of the crisis.